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September 3, 2011 Schedule of Activities


Fort Griswold Day September 3, 2011
Schedule of Activities

All activities are free
Donations to the Gemma Moran Food Bank will be collected


10:30  am


Camp Opens

Give the public a glimpse into military life during

 The American Revolution.   Live horses and hand-on activities for children.

Bill Memorial



11:00 am

Nutmeg Fife and  Drum Muster

The music of the Revolution is rendered in the present by this musical regiment

Fort/Park Grounds

10:30 am

The movie Resolved to be Free will be shown at the Bill Memorial Library hourly from 10:30 to 3:30. Produced by Elsworth Grant and narrated by the late Katherine Hepburn, the film depicts a reenactment of the Battle of Groton Heights. Refreshments will be available for purchase.



American Infantry


11:00 am

Artillery Demonstration

See, Hear, & Learn the power of the cannons..."Fire!"

Park Grounds

11:30 am

Cavalry Demonstration

Although horses were not used at Ft. Griswold, they were important to many battles.


11:30 am

Crown Forces Demonstration

See the difference in 18th Century warfare, from the most powerful army in 1781

Park Grounds

12:00 – 2:00pm

Play time where children can play colonial games.

Park Grounds

Civil War Monument

1:00 pm

100 year Dedication of the Gates Cermony


Memorial Gates at the Fort

1:00 pm

A book signing with local author Todd Gipstein will take place from 1-3pm at the library. His book, Legacy of the Lighthouse, is a historical thriller about two generations of lighthouse keepers at our own Race Rock Lighthouse off the shore of New London. It is a story of how the past influences the present; of fathers and sons, failure, guilt, love, and redemption. Books will be available for purchase.



2:15 pm

Officers Call to prepare for battle.

Library Grounds

2:30 pm

Troop Assembly – troops form for battle.

Library  Grounds

2:45 pm

Skirmish between British and Colonial Soldiers

A demonstration of the hand-to-hand combat!

Park Grounds

3:15 pm

Soldiers Pass in Review and Return to Camp

Park Grounds


Soldiers Camp Closes


After the Battle

“In Our Own Words”

Come inside the fort to the very spot where the massacre took place.

This dramatic production will feature costumed re-enactors who will tell the story of the battle, and its aftermath, in the words of the people who survived it on September 6, 1781.

(seating provided)

Inside the Fort

6:00 pm

Commemoration Service

17th Annual Commemoration Ceremony  Battle of Groton Heights

Libation Ceremony to honor the Colonial and Crown troops, music and the placement of the wreath on Colonel Ledyard marker.

Candle lighting Ceremony and the reading of the names of the defenders who lost their lives in the “Battle of Groton Heights”.

Inside the Fort

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